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Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow training opportunities for Residents of Neuroloyg/Child Neurology, besides closely related fields as found below.

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship

Clinical Neurophysiology (CN) is an area of medicine in which selected neurologic disorders involving central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems and muscles are assessed, monitored, and treated by a combination of clinical evaluation and electrophysiologic testing.
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Johns Hopkins Medicine
This one-year training program in CN at Johns Hopkins emphasizes evaluation of the brain, especially in patients with epilepsy. There also is particular exposure to sleep disorders and polysomnography, and to intraoperative monitoring and evoked potentials, as well as instruction regarding motor and sensory nerve conduction studies, diagnostic electromyography, single-fiber electromyography, electrodiagnostic movement disorder assessment, testing of motor and sensory reflexes, and testing of the autonomic functions.
Fellows usually have completed an accredited Residency in Neurology or Child Neurology.  Physicians having completed an accredited residency in General Psychiatry or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are also eligible to apply.

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NeuroMonitoring Companies: Europe

Providers in Europe:
Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Practice at UniversitatsSpital Zurich:

NeuroMonitoring Suppliers in Europe:
1.CPS Medical: NeuroCode AG

NeuroMonitoring Supplier in Russia:
1.Neurosoft, Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Worldwide Distribution list

IONM in New Zealand:

What are the chances of getting a job?

Opportunities to get into neurophysiology technologist jobs are very limited, as there are only 20 neurophysiology technologists employed in New Zealand.

IONM in Switzerland:
Anandic Medical Systems a local Swiz company with GE Partnership that does neuromonitoring and neonatal pediatric neuromonitoring monitoring.

Medical/Health Care: Insurance Companies and IONM Policies, in their Eyes!?

Here is what the insurance Co Anthem Blue thinks about what is medically necessary or investigational as per their policies!

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Medical Policy Manual

  • Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring, including, but not limited to the following: Somatosensory-evoked potentials, brainstem auditory-evoked potentials, visual-evoked potential, EMG, motor-evoked potentials, and EEG, when performed during spinal, intracranial, or vascular procedures, is considered medically necessary if the medical appropriateness criteria are met. (See Medical Appropriateness below.)

  • Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring for other indications is considered investigational.

  • Any device utilized for this procedure must have FDA approval specific to the indication, otherwise it will be considered investigational. See also: Visual and Auditory Evoked Potential